The Complexity for HR: Employer’s Mandate To Getting Employees Vaccinated for COVID-19

In the midst of a global public health crisis, HR leaders are no longer just focused on core functions such as talent acquisition, performance management, benefits design, or culture development.  In addition to all of those and more, it’s now about how to keep employees safe from COVID-19 and other preventable, transmissible conditions both at the workplace and outside, while battling the spread of viral variants and returning the workforce back to in-person settings.


New York City, for example, is the first municipality requiring all employers to ensure their employees and contracted workers are vaccinated if they have to physically go to a location for work and interact with at least one other person.  This includes all field staff or those who don’t just work indoors, like delivery and transportation professionals, and those who work in co-working spaces.  Employers must also securely maintain records of workers’ vaccination status or any reasonable accommodations.  And even with a new mayoral administration in place, the mandate remains in place, demonstrating that such public health measures are critical and here to stay.  It is likely that other jurisdictions will adopt similar employer-focused mandates particularly as we see the raise of highly transmissible COVID variants such as the Omicron variant.  Therefore, HR leaders should act now.


How can employers quickly and effectively get their employees screened and vaccinated, now and in the future?  Leveraging digital health solutions and platforms is one convenient approach that has seen a dramatic uptake in the past decade.  Using scalable technology and at times paired with a human component, such as a care coordinator or a healthcare provider, digital health platforms can efficiently and quickly assess employee’s needs for and deliver vaccines or other healthcare.  This enables employees to access these services from the comfort of their computer or phone, and enables employers a convenient solution to ensure widespread public health measures are adopted in the workplace.


But it’s not just about scheduling and getting the vaccinations.  Employees today need a truly culturally-tailored method of understanding and accepting the nuances in risk factors, other comorbidities, and related healthcare unique to their race, ethnicity, and cultural values.  This is ultimately what drives employees to take the care steps they need and get fully vaccinated, regardless of how much HR leaders may already promote and highlight the health & wellness benefits already available.


Coral Health can help employers with an all-in-one solution to deliver culturally-tailored health education, vaccinations, screenings, and other preventive care directly to the homes or workplaces of your employees.  If you’re interested in learning more, or have any questions about these mandates and strategies for complying, please reach out directly!

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